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HOC Lasting Wish Program Provides Doll Therapy for Adults Living with Dementia

Doll therapy involves offering dolls to adults who are living with dementia to improve their comfort, engagement, and quality of life. Doll therapy is typically used for people who are in the middle or late stages of dementia.

The HOC Wish program recently provided such a doll to a patient of the Central Field Team. The doll requested by Donalee Bewley, Social Worker, and accepted by Lea Walker, RN, in the picture was expertly crafted with custom eye, skin and hair color. Each doll is gently weighted to encourage self-soothing by holding and rocking.

Donors to the of the HOC Lasting Wish program support special purchases for dementia patients which may include busy blankets, simple musical players and lifelike pets.

Lori Asmus and Lea Walker pose for a picture with a doll.

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