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Holistic Services

Our holistic therapists and volunteers use holistic services to bring a higher quality of life to those enrolled in hospice care. Hospice of Cincinnati has a long history of providing holistic services to patients and families, including services in: art, massage, music, aromatherapy, pet therapy, and healing touch and Reiki.

Who can benefit from holistic services?

Holistic therapies may be helpful for those needing help or distraction from pain, stress, anxiety and restlessness. Holistic services provide opportunities for companionship for those feeling the effects of social isolation. Family members are welcome to participate in holistic services, when appropriate.

Where are holistic services delivered?

Art services, Music and Massage therapies are available to all care settings. There is no charge for Holistic Services provided by our trained therapists. Holistic Volunteers provide services under the supervision of trained therapists.

Is hospice care right for you?

Types of Services

Art Experience

Gives patients and families creative methods of expression to explore emotion, cope with stress and connect with one another. Legacy Art are treasured keepsakes for family members.

Massage Therapy

Targets specific areas of pain to help relieve stress and anxiety. Massage also fulfills the essential need of touch.

Music Therapy

Uses music and song to address physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

Pet Therapy

Helps to encourage movement and promote empathy, companionship and socialization.

Healing Touch and Reiki

Used to restore harmony and balance in a person’s energy system to enhance well-being.

Lasting Wish Program

Helps HOC patients achieve their end-of-life wishes by creating special moments of joy for them and their loved ones.

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