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What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice is a patient-centered, family-focused approach to end of life for those with a life expectancy of 6 months or less. We help with the care you need in the place you call home, surrounded by the people and things you love most.

Hospice is for patients who have decided to no longer pursue a cure for their illness, and instead seek comfort, symptom management and quality of life. Hospice patients have life-limiting illnesses and are considered terminal, having a life expectancy of six months or less if the disease follows its natural course. However, some patients live longer than six months and still qualify for hospice.

If you are currently receiving curative or other treatments and are interested in receiving relief from symptoms and stress of a serious illness with the goal of improving quality of life, please visit the PalliaCare® Cincinnati page.

Where Does Hospice Care Happen?

In the Home

Nearly 90% of hospice care is provided in a patient’s home, or the place they call home. The family is the primary caregiver, while the Hospice care team offers an extra layer of support.

In a Senior Living Facility

The Hospice care team partners with facility staff at a senior living community, assisted living or independent living facility to coordinate your care and ensure your care needs are met. Hospice care is in addition to the care the facility provides.

In One of Our Five Inpatient Care Centers

Short-term care is provided at an Inpatient Care Center for the treatment of uncontrolled symptoms. We have five Inpatient Care Centers located throughout Cincinnati.

Hospice care includes:

  • Nursing visits to assess, monitor and treat symptoms
  • A Hospice care team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and aides to provide the care you need in the place you call home
  • Social workers, chaplains and holistic practitioners and volunteers to support you and your family
  • 24/7 registered nurse support team available in person or by phone
  • Medication needed to treat your symptoms
  • Medical equipment to keep you active and safe
  • Education to train family and caregivers on the skills need to care for a loved one
  • A wide range of grief services for children, adults and families, now and in the future

Is hospice care right for you?

Home-Based Hospice Care

90% of our care is provided in the home or the place you call home

Routine Home Care

Includes your hospice care team, medication, special equipment and supplies delivered where you live. While the family is the primary caregiver, the care team will train the family on how to provide daily care*.

Continuous Care Symptom Management

Short-term, one-on-one nursing care provided where you live for the management of uncontrolled symptoms. Once symptoms are controlled or resolved, and you no longer meet eligibility for this service, you will return to routine home care. If symptoms are unable to be controlled in the home setting, we strongly recommend the Inpatient Care Center for more aggressive management of symptoms with the goal to return home as soon as possible*.

*For patients residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility, room and board are not covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

Inpatient Hospice Care

10% of care is provided in one of five Inpatient Care Centers around the Cincinnati region

General Inpatient Care

A short-term stay of one or more days in a Hospice of Cincinnati Inpatient Care Center until you are more comfortable; then we will make arrangements to transfer you back to the place you call home, where our team will continue to make visits to you.

Respite Care

Tending to a loved one at home can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Your caregivers can take a much-needed break while you receive expert care, for up to five days, in one of our five Inpatient Care Centers. After the respite stay, you can return to your home.

Care Locations

We serve patients in seven counties in southwest Ohio. Hospice patients with uncontrolled symptoms may be treated at one of our five Inpatient Care Centers. 90% of our hospice care is provided where the patient calls home.

1. Blue Ash More information

2. Anderson More information

3. Hamilton More information

4. College Hill More information

5. The Christ Hospital More information

What Our Families Say

“Hospice of Cincinnati’s chaplains provided calming support and were there to listen.”

“I’m not sure how I would have made it through this challenging time without the Hospice of Cincinnati team.”

“My sister was treated with dignity– we are fortunate in the care she received. It takes a special team, like HOC, to do this.”

“My mom’s wish of spending her final days at home would not have been possible without the support of Hospice of Cincinnati.”

“Thank you for the kindness, compassion, support and advice. The care you give shows in everything you do.”

“We are so grateful that we got to spend more time with our Dad so he could be with us in his final days.”

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Is hospice care right for you?

We are here to help.

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