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About Grief

Grief is a normal response to a loss

The experience of grief touches all humans. When someone suffers the loss of a loved one, they experience a range of emotions as they mourn what was lost and begin to navigate their own unique grief journey.

Grief is important

The loss of someone close causes a wide range of emotions. It is important to honor and express these emotions in order to move forward in a healthy manner. Grief is not something to “get over” or ignore. It is in working through grief that one begins to process the loss they have experienced. They develop healthy coping mechanisms, and, in time, it is how they honor and remember the relationship with their loved one.

Grief is unique to the individual

Each person’s grief journey is unique. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but it is important to have a safe and supportive environment in which to express your grief.

Our Grief Services

Goldstein Family Grief Center

The Goldstein Family Grief Center provides a place for people of all ages to share their feelings of loss, deal with their grief and learn to find joy in their lives again.

Fernside Center for Children

Fernside’s services complement the Goldstein Family Grief Center’s bereavement program by providing support groups for children ages 3-18 and their parents or guardians.

What we offer

Goldstein Family Grief Center

  • Adult Support Groups– open to the public
  • Grief Series– special topic workshops that are open to the public
  • Individual grief counseling for Hospice of Cincinnati families
  • A library of bereavement education materials available to the community

Fernside Center for Children

  • Group Programs– Fernside offers on-site grief support in elementary, junior high and high schools, as well as evening groups for both children & teens and parents & guardians
  • Crisis Response– immediate and long-term support for schools and other organizations following a death
  • Presentations and materials for grieving people and professionals

Virtual Memorial Service

Hospice of Cincinnati invites you and your family to view a memorial service to celebrate your loved one.

What Our Families Say

“I am grateful for the counseling from the Goldstein Grief Center that was so caring and compassionate during a very difficult and lonely time.”

“Through the useful suggestions and perspectives, I am understanding the feelings and emotions I am experiencing and have realized I am not alone in what I’m going through.”

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