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Terminal Agitation Training Sheet

Terminal agitation, also referred to as terminal restlessness, is a common symptom in dying patients. Sometimes those who are usually calm can suddenly and unexpectedly become agitated, restless, and confused. Family members may also notice a rapid change in personality…

Swallowing Training Sheet

Swallowing difficulty often occurs in older people, those who take medications that make them very drowsy, or people with an end-stage neurological disease, stroke, weakness, confusion or dental problems.

Skin Breakdown Training Sheet

There are several reasons skin breakdown occurs and training you, as a caregiver, to watch for the signs of breakdown is important. Healing skin breakdown at this stage of serious illness is not always possible. The goals now are to…

Sadness and Anxiety Training Sheet

Experiencing difficult emotions can be common for people living with a terminal illness, from diagnosis through end of life. These emotions may show in various ways for each person, including sadness or anxiety.

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