that Hospice of Cincinnati wasn't just caring for my son... they were caring for our entire family.

Todd - Involving Hospice of Cincinnati is not giving up. It's focusing on the quality of time that you have left with your loved one. The care was personalized just to the needs of our family. When we involved Hospice of Cincinnati, we found out that they were there to help the whole family... not just the patient.

Jessica - The medical care that my Dad received exceeded every one of my expectations. I was 100% confident that we were in the right place. Once Hospice of Cincinnati became involved, I just felt like I could take a breath... that he was going to be fine here.

Todd - Now I know that Hospice of Cincinnati is a gift that you're given... an opportunity to have some quality moments that you might not otherwise have.

Debbie - I was given an opportunity by Hospice of Cincinnati to be the mother to my son... to leave the other stress of caregiving aside... and that was a gift that I will always cherish.

Todd - If I had it to do over again... we would definitely involve Hospice of Cincinnati early. It makes everything better.

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Video Testimonials

"From The Heart" - 2 minutes
Jessica - Having Hospice of Cincinnati in place really alleviated a lot of stress and anxiety that I felt because I knew that the resources were in place to help my father and to help me. So the idea of sitting down with somebody and having a game plan mapped out was an unbelievable resource.

Debbie - You have options, but the hospice you choose can really make a difference. Hospice of Cincinnati was much more equipped to handle the special situation with our son. There was a point when I realized

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