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Literature and Materials

Hospice of Cincinnati Overview
Living with an illness or caring for a loved one who is seriously ill can be a heroic, yet daunting task —
emotionally, spiritually and physically. At Hospice of Cincinnati, we understand. PDF. 6 pages.

Guide for Caring
This guide explains what typically happens during the final stages of death and suggests ways
that you can respond to help your loved one. PDF (English / Spanish).

Admission Criteria (in lay terms)
Who is eligible? When should I call? How much does it cost? This article provides simple, straight-forward answers to these questions and more. PDF. 3 pages.

How Do You React When Someone You Love Dies?
When experiencing a loss, people often wonder if they are grieving in the proper way and if the feelings they are having are normal. PDF. 2 pages.

Respecting Diversity
At Hospice of Cincinnati, we believe that diversity encompasses much more than race and gender. It is a variety of characteristics, visible or not, that distinguish one individual from another. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, age, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, race and physical ability. You can read more about our commitment to cultural diversity in our two brochures:

Holistic Services at Hospice of Cincinnati
Hospice of Cincinnati offers a variety of holistic therapies to our patients at no charge such as massage therapy, relaxation therapies, music therapy, art therapy, energy therapies (healing
touch and Reiki), and pet therapy. PDF. 2 pages.

BiPaP and Ventilators - What You Should Know
If your or your loved one's lung problem makes it hard for you to breathe sometimes. You have choices about how to breathe with greater ease and less stress. PDF. 1 page.

CPR or No CPR - What You Should Know
If your heartbeat or breathing stops, CPR may or may not work. This fact sheet can help you decide if you want CPR if your heart or lungs stop working. The time to choose is when you feel well and have the facts you need. PDF. 1 page.

Hospice: Care That Supports and Comforts
Because we concentrate on providing the services that serve unique needs, our approach is more relaxed than that of a traditional, acute-care hospital. This article was written by Rebecca Bechhold, MD, our Medical Director at Hospice of Cincinnati. PDF. 1 page.

Spiritual Care Services
Hospice recognizes that many human beings, and especially those at the end of life, have a spiritual dimension that may need to be addressed. This may be true for those who consider themselves to be religious as well as those who do not. PDF. 2 pages.

Terminal Agitation
Terminal agitation often surprises many family members and caregivers alike. A loved one who is
usually calm, suddenly and unexpectedly becomes agitated and restless. As patients near the end of a terminal illness they may experience profound mood changes. PDF. 1 page.

Treating Pain - Education Sheet
Treating pain successfully may require a number of different medications and when treating pain in severe illness, narcotics are frequently the best choice. When properly used, narcotics are safe and highly effective pain relievers. However, there is a lot of misinformation about narcotics, particularly morphine that causes patients and families to avoid using them. This sheet was written to address many of the questions we hear regarding narcotics.PDF. 1 page.

Tube Feeding - What You Should Know
As you get older or have health problems, you may not be able to swallow normally or take in enough food or water. If you want food and water, you can choose to receive them by tubes. This fact sheet can help you decide if you want to try tube feeding. The time to make this choice is when you feel well
and have the facts you need. PDF. 1 page.

Volunteer Opportunities - How Can I Help?
Volunteers are a vital and valued part of the hospice team. They assist with essential patient care and
support in a variety of settings, whether it be in one of our inpatient centers, through our home care program or in a long term care facility. PDF. 2 pages.